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Residential Design

Your home is arguably the most important building you inhabit. It is where you live your life. It is where you raise your children, your and . It is the place of comfort you return to at the end of the day. It is a repository of memories and the generator of dreams. so at our first design meeting we will walk through your spaces and discuss what works and does not work, what your goals and priorities are, and what you have in mind for budget. I will measure and photograph the areas involved (and adjacent areas) and draw the existing on CAD, then begin reconstructing the space to improve aesthetics and function.



Office design is about more than creating an environment that provides all the furniture and equipment to support the various types of work tasks. Great office design goes beyond the physical, practical concerns and takes into account the psychological and emotional well-being of the people There are so many design aspects that can improve an employee’s morale. Exposure to natural light, windows, greenery, and balcony can refresh the mind of your staff and it can make them more productive. The segmentation of office space and the colors used in designing each segment too is crucial as it can uplift the mood and make the office more welcoming. Thus, the workplace setting and job satisfaction seems to be directly related to employee morale.


Anyone visiting to any hotel or restaurants always searches for good ambiance to recreate its mood or to feel changed. Interior design in hospitality centers primarily on service industries including hotels, restaurants, cafés, fitness clubs, lounges, spas, and country clubs, among others. The scope of work, budgets, and space planning can be quite complex, so maimi interior designers who work in hospitality take on quite a bit of responsibilities and must be very thoughtful with their design choices. They then must develop an aesthetic that meets the needs of the business through fabrics, artwork, color schemes, furniture, wall and window treatments, high-end finishes, and accessories, and must also make sure each space is safe and up to code.